Powerchord Episode February 15, 2020

Metal at 50

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Black Sabbath's first album was released on Friday, Febuary 13th, 1970. Loud, heavy rock and roll, high-powered amplification, distortion, and drugs existed prior to that, but Sabbath's use of the tritone on the first song of their first album added the final crucial ingredient -- they made the music sound EVIL. That moment represents heavy metal's "Big Bang", the inception of all the metal that has come since.

Today's show (and every show we do) is a celebration of that legacy in all its forms. You'll hear triumphant, sword-raising power metal, ripping, riotous speed metal, beer swilling, Satan-praising blackened thrash, plenty of amplifier-worshiping doom and lots more. We'll dig a song from Australia's legendary hard rock/protopunk band The Saints out of The Graveyard, and get hyped for Church of Misery playing at the Rickshaw on February 28th. Plus, we pay tribute to legendary Cynic and Death drummer Sean Reinert, who passed away last month at the age of 48. Turn it up, and rage at the void with us.

Track Listing:

Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath · Black Sabbath
Axes Of Evil
3 Inches Of Blood · Advance & Vanquish
Heartless World
Unleash The Archers · Explorers
Uterine Industrialization
Venom Prison · Samsara
God Of Thunder
Death · Human (Reissue)
The Space For This
Cynic · Traced In Air
Burn The Night
Riot City · Burn The Night
Warrior Witch Of Hel
Smoulder · Dream Quest Ends
Traveller · Traveller
Fucking Speed & Darkness
Midnight · Rebirth By Blasphemy
Baphomet's Call
Slutvomit · Copulation Of Cloven Hooves
Silent Towers
Spell · Trapped Under Ice
The Great Attractor
Heron · A Low Winter's Sun
Grey Garden
Windhand · Eternal Return
Pallbearer · Atlantis
Laurentian Abyss
Craters · Laurentian Abyss
Cloud Bed
Church Of Misery · Acrimony & Church Of Misery Split
Odious Mortem · Ruins Of The Timeworm
No, Your Product
Saints · Eternally Yours