Powerchord Episode February 8, 2020


12:01pm - 3:00pm

Coleman and Ian hit the airwaves for a special 3 hour episode of begging for your money!

Track Listing:

Thulsa Doom
Witches Hammer · Canadian Speed Metal
Solar Winds
Witches Hammer · Damnation is my Salvation
Human Jigsaw Puzzle
Grave Infestation · Infestation of Rotting Death
Chthonic Deity · Reassembled in Pain
Born With a Black Tongue
Mendozza · Mendozza
Fire Twin
Heron · Fire Twin EP
storc · II
It Ain't Right
Three Wolf Moon · Feels Good Forgettin'
Falsified and Hated
Mayhem · Daemon
In My Kingdom Cold
Immortal · Sons of Northern Darkness
Gatecreeper · Deserted
Blade and the Will
Idle Hands · Mana
Black Brick
Deafheaven · Black Brick
An Archer in the Emptiness
Inter Arma · Paradise Gallows
Galactic Pegasus · RIP GP EP
I Long For Rest
AngelMaker · AngelMaker
The Gaia Expulsion
The Hallowed Catharsis · The Gaia Expulsion
Hysteria Swallowed
Bled to Submission · VERMIN
Puritan Masochism
Konvent · Puritan Masochism
The Pendulum
Candlemass · The Pendulum
Logic Ravaged by Brute Force
Napalm Death · Ravaged by Brute Force
Lord Mantis · Universal Death Church
Mammoth Rider
Visigoth · The Revenant King
Bay Area Cult
Waingro · III
Wasted Gods
M-16 · Live At Bully's
Two Of These Nights
Black Wizard · Livin' Oblivion
High Risk
Blade Killer · High Risk
Burst Into Flame
Haunt · Burst Into Demos
Body & Soul
Beastmaker · Body & Soul
The Four Of Us Are Dying
Jex Thoth · Blood Moon Rise