Powerchord Episode January 18, 2020

Heron Live!!!!!!

12:58pm - 2:59pm

HERON Vancouver's purveyors of Sludgey Doom play a live set to open the show and then get down with some of their favourite tracks. this show is heavily influenced by predominantly Vancouver bands. So join us in this crushing set with a couple of brand new tracks from HERON, cuz HERON is for the children.
All Hail The Black Goat!

Track Listing:

Of Gods and Goats · Under the winter Sun
The Great Attractor · unreleased 2020
Death On The Malahat · unreleased 2020
Long in the Tooth · unreleased 2020
Black Tide
Hashteriod · Hashteriod
Thorn in the Lions Paw
Sumac · WFMU
Dopethrone · Trans-Canadian Anger
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
Hoopsnake · Snowmammoth
Support your scene
mass grave · Suffering Mind Split
Baptists · Beacon of Faith
Scrying the Aether
Haggatha · V
death March
Mendozza · Soul Nebula
Stressed Elephant
bison · Old shit and Bullshit
Harbinger of Death
Monolord · Empress Rising
Combat Shock
Meth Drinker · S/T
1914 · Eschatology of War