Powerchord Episode January 11, 2020


12:58pm - 3:00pm

Denver demons CHTHONIC DEITY join Coleman in studio along with local death metal hero, Anju Singh. We talk about their show(s) in Vancouver, touch on the many other projects they are involved in, and of course, play sick, disgusting metal ov death. RIP NEIL PEART

Track Listing:

A Farewell to Kings
Rush · A Farewell to Kings
Galaxies of Perpetual Internment
Chthonic Deity · Chthonicmagick
Sepulchral Dirt
Reversed · Widow Recluse
Ceremonial Bloodbath · LP promo track
Atrae Bilis · Divinihility
Black Skies of Terror
Encoffinate · Cimmerian Corpse Dungeon
Too Late
The Moor · The Moor
To Leave
Ragana · You Take Nothing
To All, To All, To All!
Dawn Ray'd · Behold Sedition Plainsong
3AM in Agony
Vastum · Patricidal Lust
Multiversal Abattoir
Faceless Burial · Multiversal Abattoir
The Howling Dead
Autopsy · Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves
Echoes of Death
Chthonic Deity · Reassembled in Pain
The Opening of Dead Gates
Runemagick · Into Desolate Realms