Powerchord Episode January 4, 2020

Unholy Mess it is 2020

12:59pm - 2:59pm

As the Wolrd Burns and Wars are started by infantile world leaders and our Brethern fall before their time, we must return to what is important. The devastating soul crushing sounds of the Underground. The Unholy Union of Death and Doom. We start the show with a shout out to the lose of one of the Heavy Ones, Remembering Elijah Nelson we start with two tracks from Black Breath. We continue on with more Blackened Metal with Occult Burial, Crystal Coffins, and Creeping Death. We slow the show down to appreciate the weight of the Mighty Bison followed by Croatia's Let Them Starve. A Shout out to the up coming albums of Heron and Mendozza. We end the show with complete and utter desolation from Opium Warlock and CRUD.

All Hail The Black Goat!!!
Live Slow and Heavy!!!

Track Listing:

Beneath the Crust
Black Breath · Razor to Oblivion
Reaping Flesh
Black Breath · Slaves Beyond Death
Temple of Mutants
Occult Burial · Skeletal Laughter
As We Pass
Crystal Coffin · 2019 Demo
World Decay
Creeping Death · Wretched Illusions
1000 needles
Bison · One Thousand Needles
Zlatni Rez
Left to Starve · Nikada se nisam bojao zmija
Planet Eater
· Astral Death Cult
Chrch · Light Will Consume us all
Uncomfortable Silence
Heron · The Low Winters Sun
The Black SunStone
Mendozza · Soul Nebula
Luciferica · The Endless Hours
Shi · Depressive Suicial Stoner Doom
Civilization Eclipse
Erosion · Kill Us All
Unroot · single
Meth Desert
Opium Warlock · Opium Sunrise
Crud · Doom Is Dead