Powerchord Episode December 28, 2019

Last Show of 2019 Good Bye and Good Riddance

12:57pm - 3:01pm

The last Show and Justin is playing some of his favourite tunes from 2019 and some special tracks to be released in 2020. some of the features upcoming releases from Mendozza, Frayle, Yatra, and Sixes. Top picks for this show include Sunn((0, Slowner, Temple of the Fuzz Witch, Rough Spells, Haxan, Black Mountain, The Well, Devil's Witches, Black Furs, Lochness, Let Them Hang, and The Kings Pistol. Here to an amazing year in Music with more top 2019 tracks to come. Looking forward to the releases for 2020. All Hail the Black Goat.

Track Listing:

Ampliphædies (E)
Sunn((0 · Pyroclast
Voyage of the DawnDraper
STAVH · The Sundowner
Yatra · Blood of the Night
Misery Hag
Sixes · not yet released
Soul Nebula
Mendozza · Soul Nebula
Slowner · S/T
The Fuzz Witch
Temple Of The Fuzz Witch · S/T
Midnight Sun
Worm Witch · Heaven that Dwells Within
Remains of Comets
Storc · II
Rough Spells · The Altar Box
Burn the Witch
Haxan · The Altar Box
gods of no faith
Frayle · 1692
Whats Your Conquest
Black Mountain · Single
Death Song
The Well · Death and Consolation
Love is Doom, a fist full of Napalm
Devils Witches · Coven of The Ultra Riff
Black Limousine Blues
Black Furs · Stereophonic Freakout Vol.1
Sea Weed
Lochness · Black Smoker
Pounded Lungs
Let Them Hang · Ossuary
Evil Spirit
The Kings Pistol · Evil Spirit