Powerchord Episode December 21, 2019

The First Day Of Winter

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Raise a goblet of goat’s blood and toast the solstice! Today is the darkest day of the year, and Ian’s got your soundtrack, featuring crushing tunes from some of our favourite releases of 2019!!!! Lurching doom metal from Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard and Dead Witches, ferocious thrash with West of Hell and Devil Master, putrid death metal including Tomb Mold and Vastum, and melodic Thin Lizzy-worshipping anthems with Gygax and Sheer Mag are just some of the highlights of today's show, plus we'll dig a track from Germany's legendary Warlock out of the Graveyard! Keep the fire burning!!!!

Track Listing:

A Secret Byzantium
Atlantean Kodex · The Course Of Empire
The Spaceships Of Ezekiel
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard · Yn Oi I Annwn
Lay Demon
Dead Witches · The Final Exorcism
Future Shade
Black Mountain · Destroyer
Black Galaxy · Wrath Of The Void
Hammer and Hand
West Of Hell · Blood Of The Infidel
Her Thirsty Whip
Devil Master · Satan Spits On The Children Of Light
Marked Cross
Waingro · III
Too Fast For The Flames
Bewitcher · Too Fast For The Flames
Disciple Of The Serpent Star
Wormwitch · Heaven The Dwells Within
Cashless Society
Martyrdod · Hexhammeren
Ancient Demagogue
Cosmic Putrefaction · Threshold Of The Greatest Chasm
Sardonic Repentance
Cerebral Rot · Odious Descent Into Decay
The Tomb
Witchvomit · A Scream From The Tomb Below
Reveries In Autophagia
Vastum · Orificial Purge
Planetary Clairvoyance
Tomb Mold · Planetary Clairvoyance
Ilian of Garathorm
Smoulder · Times Of Obscene Evil And WIld Daring
Mirror Image
Gygax · High Fantasy
Blood From A Stone
Sheer Mag · A Distant Call
Whips and Chains
Sandstorm · Time To Strike
Lycanthropic Misanthropie
Csejthe · Single
Burning The Witches
Warlock · Dark Fade