Powerchord Episode November 30, 2019

Inhuman Utterings

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman returns from parental leave to highlight what might be the best (non-festival) week of live music in Vancouver all year: King Diamond, Daughters, Lingua Ignota, High on Fire, Power Trip, Uada, and Wormwitch! Many other heavy and harsh things abound. Dig in.

Track Listing:

Awakening From The Dream Of Existence To The Multidimensional Nature Of Our Real
Blood Incantation · Hidden History of the Human Race
Snakes Unravel
Rhyolite · Pulchritude
Stone Men
Balkan · Stone Men
Rendered Blind
Koma · Through Blackened Veils
Void Keepers
Dreg Martyr · Demo
1982 · 1982
Lord of Chains
Wormwitch · Heaven That Dwells Within
The Purging Fire
Uada · Cult of a Dying Sun
The Lords Song
Daughters · You Won't Get What you Want
Lingua Ignota · CALIGULA
Blood From Zion
High on Fire · Spittng Fire Vol. 2
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Dance of Fullmoon Specter
Devil Master · Satan Spits on Children of Light
World Decay
Creeping Death · Wretched Illusions
The Candle
King Diamond · Fatal Portrait
Inhuman Utterings
Teitanblood · The Baneful Choir
Summoning Malevolent Entities
Cthonic Deity · Chthonicmagick
Sorceress Reburned
Runemagick · Into Desolate Realms
Anges de la Mort
ADLM · Anges de la Mort