Powerchord Episode November 23, 2019

The Build Up

12:58pm - 3:01pm

We start this episode low and slow but I promise you it is worth the wait for devastation is promise and there will be a total destruction of your mind by the end of this set. We start with Daughters and Lingua Ignota. We move into a realm a bit heavier with Monolord, Heron, and Dopethrone. The the show takes a turn towards annihilation with Power Trip, Creeping Death and AHNA. We close this episode with a nod to the Doom Giants Sleep who are taking a Hiatus from the music world. All Hail The Black Goat

Track Listing:

Satan in the Waiting
Daughters · You Wont Get What You Want
Body Individual
Big | Brave · A Gaze Among Them
Defeatist at Play
Storc · II
May Your Failure Be Your Noose
Lingua Ignota · Caligula
Last Light of Future Failure
Hawkeyes · Look at 'em Scramble
First to Die
Windhand · Eternal Return
Monolord · No Comfort
The Curse of the Crimson Witch
Crimson Witch · Satanic Panic
Uncomfortable Silence
Heron · A Low Winter's Sun
DopeThrone · 1312
Scavenging the Ruins
Luger · Hellraisers of the Waste
In Apathy
Hallux · Hallux
Steps Of The Ziggurrat/House of Enlil
High on Fire · Electric Messiah
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Creeping Death · Wretched Illusions
Crown Vic · Miserable
in deaths grip
Ahna · Crimson Dawn Promo
Giza Bulter · Live at Thirdman Records