Powerchord Episode October 26, 2019

Hell-O-Ween show

12:58pm - 2:59pm

This Show Co-Hosted by Justin "The Worlock" and Ian "The Priest" brings together old and new music of the Occult and Horror, that of Witches, Werewolves, Killers and Graveyard. Finishing with a 13 minute Halloween song by the great German band Helloween.

Track Listing:

Rock n' Roll from Hell
Chapel · Satan's Rock n Roll
Arteaga · Vol.3
Electric Wizard · Time to Die
Great God Pan
Blood Ceremony · Living With The Ancients
Hunt of the Witch
Black Galaxy · Wrath of The Void
Slave to the Grave
Alastor · Slave to the Grave
Race With the Devil
Church Of Misery · Vol.1
From the Murky Depths
VHS · We're going to need some bigger riffs
Lightening and Snow
Woods of Ypres · Woods 5
Iron Maiden · Killers
Cult of Bathory
Yidhra · Cult of Bathory EP
Lian Garathorm
Smoulder · Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring
Sabba · Pentacle
Sign of the Witch
Orchid · Sign of the Witch EP
Salem's Pot · The Vampire Strikes Back 7"
Werewolf Boogie
Mephistofeles · Mephistofeles/Black Furs 7" split
Olde Fashioned Black Magic
Kvlt of the Wizard · The White Wizard
Helloween · Keeper of the Seven Keys,part 1
Breaker Of Skulls
Völur · Ancestors