Powerchord Episode October 19, 2019

Rough Spell Interview and Live Recorded Set

12:59pm - 2:59pm

We start this episode with a pre-recorded Interview and Live Set at CITR by the Canadian Band Rough Spells out of Toronto. The show morphs into a blackened set of tracks surely to rot your corrupted soul and drag you to the depths of hell yet to be brought back to this world by the Devil's Witches closing this set.

Track Listing:

At the Mountain of Loudness
Saint Karloff · Coven Of the Ultra Riff
Grise Fiord
Rough Spells · Unreleased
Modern Kids for the Solitary Witch
Rough Spells · Modern Kicks For the Solitary Witch
Children of the Moon
Rough Spells · Unreleased
Queen Scarlet
Rough Spells · Modern Kicks For the Solitary Witch
I Dream In Gold
Kvlt of The Wizard · Single
Tarot · Arcana
Myth,Magic, and Steel
Savage Master · Myth, Magic and Steel
Prove It
Divide and Dissolve · Single
Rat Food
Bitter Lake · single
Gatecreeper · Deserted
Two Wolves
Wormwitch · Heaven that dwells within
Unroot · single
Batushka · Hospodi
The Earth Inhaled
Zhire · Unortheta
Left to Starve · Nikada se nizam Bojao Zmija
· Astral Death Cult
Love is Doom
Devils Witches · Coven Of The Ultra Riff
Second Sight
Clouds Taste Satanic · Second Sight