Powerchord Episode September 28, 2019

Interview with The Vth Circle

12:57pm - 3:01pm

Spent the afternoon in sound-booth with The Vth Circle as they are self-releasing a full-length album called 'I' and we previewed a few songs from their upcoming release.

Track Listing:

Eye Sewn Closed
Son Of The Morning · S/T
Slowner · Slowner
Pressure Test
Lochness · Black Smokers
The Hanged
Let them Hang · Ossuary
In Apathy
Hallux · Hallux
The Munsens · Unhanded
Black Desert Lady
Lousy Rider · Orphans
Pale Mare · Pale Mare EP
Primordial Genocide
Weed Demon · Astrological Passages
Weird Tales
Electric Wizard · DopeThrone
The Vth Circle · I
Cerebral Peptides
Black Water Burial · The Prison of Belief
The Vth Circle · I
Death Flourished in a withered Grove
Eye of Horus · Obsidian