Powerchord Episode August 24, 2019

My soul is Crushed....... by the weight of the world....

12:59pm - 3:02pm

In this show I am exploring the dark crushing nature of having a soulful loss. Doom and Metal make the world what it is for me and today it is heavy as fuck. I hope you enjoy this selection on darkness from all over the globe........

Track Listing:

an Urn
the Body · I have fought against it, But i can't any longer
Conceived in Sodomy
Sadomajikal Seducer · Sadomagickal Seducer/Pink Mass Split
VoidSmoker III
Opium Warlock · VoidSmoker
Harbinger of Nothing
Vile Creature · Metal Swim 2
Sky will Fall
When the Dead Bolt Breaks · Angels are Weeping... God has Abandoned...
Death Of Magic
Holy Grove · Holy Grove
Comme Un Poignard
Cauchemar · Trapped under Ice Vol.1
Blood Will Be Spilled
Chapel · Satan's Rock'n'Roll
Black God's Kiss
Smoulder · Times of ObsceneEvil and Wild Daring
By Their Deeds They Shall Be Known
Rotting Hills · Single release 2013
Religious Observance · Single
In the Grips
Woe Monger · 2017
Mother Iron Horse · The Lesser Key
Astro Genocide
Space Witch · Arcanum
Arteaga · Vol .3
Sabba · Pentacle
Dead Inside
Frayle · Dead Inside
Cloud Bed
Church Of Misery · Vol .1