Powerchord Episode August 10, 2019

Dawn Of Infinite Fire

1:00pm - 3:03pm

Coleman is in studio doin the thang. Local shows, new chunes, over-caffinated rambling; you know the drill.

Track Listing:

Boiled Over
Gatecreeper · Deserted
For the Wicked
Sanhedrin · The Poisoner
Grey Maiden
Gatekeeper · Grey Maiden
Without Mercy · Mouichido
Another Day in the Dirt
Truent · To End an Ancient Way of Life
Whips and Chains
Sandstorm · Time to Strike
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
Hoopsnake · Snowmanmoth
Pink Mist · Pink Mist
Citizen 13
Blackwater Burial · The Prison of Belief
Protosequence · Biophagous
Anubis Returns
Pyramidion · Pyramidion
They Crawl From the Broken Circle
Asagraum · Dawn Of Infinite Fire
Seven Heads
Cloud Rat · Pollinator
This Body Will Be Ash
Hope Drone · Void Lustre
Dawn Dwellers
Rottendawn · Occult
What Awaits Us (A Void Is But An Open Mouth)
Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze · Offerings of Flesh and Gold
Enter Cold Void Dreaming
1349 · The Infernal Pathway
Forgotten Cemetary
Coffins · Beyond The Circular Demise
Shell Shock
Memoriam · Requiem For Mankind