Powerchord Episode August 3, 2019

Midsummer Metal Massacre

1:00pm - 3:00pm

We're beating the heat by diving into all things anthemic, bombastic and powerful with a lighter-lifting collection of modern true metal. Includes a couple new tracks from Frozen Crown's latest record, a survey of the Trapped Under Ice compilation album by Temple of Mystery Records, and we'll revisit Ursa's mighty Abyss Between the Stars. In between we'll throw in a few splashes of Quebecois death metal and local doom metal, and finish up by digging some Bolt Thrower out of The Graveyard!

Track Listing:

Frozen Crown · Crowned In Frost
In The Dark
Frozen Crown · Crowned In Frost
Illian of Garathorm
Smoulder · Times Of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring
Rough Spells · Syster
Gone Again
Magic Circle · Departed Souls
Run and Hide
Haunt · If Icarus Could Fly
Traveler · Traveler
Heavy Rescue
Freeways · Trapped Under Ice
Comme Un Poignard
Cauchemar · Trapped Under Ice
Silent Towers
Spell · Trapped Under Ice
From The Murky Depths
VHS · We're Going To Need Some Bigger Riffs
Sutrah · Dunes
Sutrah · Dunes
No Light/No Life
Haggatha · V
Serengeti Yeti
Ursa · Abyss Between The Stars
Bolt Thrower · Warmaster
Last Breath
Saint Vitus · Saint Vitus