Powerchord Episode July 6, 2019

Ian's first show

1:01pm - 2:30pm

Join Ian as he attempts to host his first episode of Powerchord, figure out RADIODJ, and talks about and plays bands from Covenant Fest V, continuing July 6th at the Wise Hall.

Track Listing:

Uterine Industrialization
Venom Prison · Samsara
Baptists · Beacon Of Faith
Maximum Suffering
Erosion · Maximum Suffering
To Pierce The Godless Sky
Finite · Void Cult Conspiracy
The Sword Woman
Smoulder · Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring
The Miserablist
Dopethrone · Transcanadian Anger
Crypt Born
Temple Of Abandonment · Chasm Of The Horned Pantheon
Gilded Words Reaped
Mitochondrion · In Cronian Hour
Redemptive Immolation
Dead Congregation · Sombre Doom
Forgotten Cravings
Over The Coals · Hyperborean
Mosaic Vision
Haunt · Mosaic Vision
Magic Circle · Departed Souls