Powerchord Episode June 29, 2019

June 29th 2019

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Chris curates some tunes and is joined by Ian getting ready to take the the reigns.

Track Listing:

Red Death
Waingro · III
Children Of The Dying Light
Seer · Adult Swim Singles
Accelerative Phenomenae
Tomb Mold · Planetary Clairvoyance
Now I've gone and done it...
Keiji Haino + Sumac · Even for just the briefest moment...
A Victual For Our Dead Selves
False · Portent
Vestigial Warnings
Immortal Bird · Thrive On Neglect
Ego Crusher
Hard Charger · Vol. 4: Take The Guff and Suffer
Blix · Fracture
Crypt Born
Temple Of Abandonment · Chasm of the Horned Pantheon
Light Delusion Curtain
Yellow Eyes · Rare Field Ceiling
Long Memory
Hair Puller · Old Friend
Do You Doubt Me Traitor
Lingua Ignota · Caligula
Bison · You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient