Powerchord Episode May 11, 2019

Hanging with The Well

1:00pm - 3:00pm

We have a great episode of Powerchord Radio Hosted by Justin and Lisa, Graham, and Jason from the Well out of Austin Texas. They provided some of their foundational inspirations and I countered those with some great Canadian bands. We are talking about the start of the band, their first release and everything since then. Join us for a couple of hours of music and talking music.

Track Listing:

Peasant of Parthia
Zaum · Oracle
Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead
Om · Pilgrimage
Chelsea Wolf · Hiss Spun
Burn the Witch
Haxan · The Altar Box 7" set
Drug From the Banks
The Well · Pagan Science
In The Mountains
Palmistry · Behold!
Moby Dick
The Death Wheelers · I Tread on Your Grave
When God Comes Back
All Then Witches · Lightning at the Door
Wicked Lady
Wicked Lady · The Axe Man Cometh
Four Teeth
True Widow · Circumabulation
Astral Witch · The Altar Box 7" set
Eyes Of A God
The Well · Death and Consolation
Electric Machine
Acid King · Busse Woods
Children Of Sabbath
Strange Broue · Children of Sabbath
Electric Wizard · WitchCult Today
Ufomammut · Godlike Snake
Of Gods and Goats
Heron · A Low Winter's Sun
Act ll
The Well · Seven