Powerchord Episode May 4, 2019

Whats been playing in town lately?

1:00pm - 3:00pm

A collection of the 7's, 10's, and 12's from some of the Stoner/ Doom that have been to town this month. We got Storc and Big Business, and Helms Alee and Melvins, We got Monolord and Heron and finally The Well Band out of Texas. Speaking of the Well band that are going to be doing a guest visit on next weeks show.

Track Listing:

What Goes On
Rough Spells · 7" Syster
Black Eyed God
The Well · Black Eyed Gods
Palmistry · Behold!
The Moor You Know
Big Business · The Beast You Know
King Of Face
Storc · S/T
Hag Me
Melvins · Houdini
Whale Lord
Howling Giant · Tales From The Multiverse
Burn Your Dead
Year of the Cobra · Burn Your Dead
Black Limousine Blues
Black Furs · Mephitofeles/Black Furs 7"
Fire Twin
Heron · Fire Twin 7"
Sabia Witch
Electric Wizard · Time to Die
Lord of Suffering
Monolord · Lord of Suffering 10"
Desert Rat
Hashteroid · Respect the depths
Sky Will Fall
When The Deadbolt Breaks · Angels are Weeping... God Has Abandoned
Concubines of the Deceased
Shezmu · Breaching the tomb
Bat Salad
High on Fire · Bat Salad
Whips and Chains
Sand Storm · Time to Strike
Sky Descending Pieces
Vile Creature · Cast of Static and Smoke