Powerchord Episode March 23, 2019

Music at the Speed Of Satan

1:00pm - 3:01pm

This episode is chock-full of metal. We start with 7 powerhouse bands lead by women in the genre of Power Metal with the Queen of Metal, Doro and Warlock being the driving influence. Moving on to Canadian Power Metal bands like Traveler, Gatekeeper, Spell, and Black Wizard. Then the Speed Metal Kicks in with Hell Fire and Bewitcher at the speed of Satan. finishing with some W.A.S.P Kreator and Occult Burial.

Track Listing:

Burn the Witch
Haxän · 7" Burn the Witch
child of the Witch
Savage Master · Creatures of the Flames
Every Giant Shall Fall
Lady Beast · Vicious Breed
Ten Thousand Against One
Unleash The Archers · Apex
Seven Kingdom · Decennium
All We Are
Worlock · Triumph and Agony
Wind on the Storm
Sanhedrin · The Poisoner
Speed Queen
Traveler · S/T
Grey Maiden
Gatekeeper · Grey Maiden
Silent Towers
Spell · Trapped under Ice Compilation
Heavy Love
Black Wizard · Livin' Oblivion
Luger · Hellraisers of the Waste
Blood will Be Spilled
Chapel · Satan's Rock and Roll
Witches Hallow
Manacle · No Fear To Persevere
Hell Fire · Mania
To Fast For The Flames
Bewitcher · 7" To Fast For The Flames
Show No Mercy
W.A.S.P. · W.A.S.P.
Reversed · Widow Recluse
Behind the Mirror
Kreator · RSD picture Disc
Temple of Mutants
Occult Burial · Skeletal Laughter
Death Is Near
Sandstorm · Time to Strike
Ilian Of Garathorm
Smoulder · Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring
Bison · Earthbound