Powerchord Episode March 16, 2019

From the depths of Doom and Sludge

1:00pm - 2:59pm

Comes a show dark and depraved reaching right down in to the belly of Hell and pulling out all the demons. Local purveyors of the Satanic Rites of Doom like Woe Monger, Empress, and Weirding laid a foundation of heavy filth. Other parts of Canada produce the Seance and dark tones of the Occult from bands like Palmisrty, Sadomagikal Seducer, Aiauasca, and Marecages South America is producing some of my favourite Doom bands presently like Pesta, and The Evil and they are there to swoon and tempt the demons out Hell. I hope you are down with the Satanic pleasures of Doom. Play this Podcast LOUD make your neighbours angry. I do.

Track Listing:

Peasant of Parthia
Zaum · Oracles
You Must Relax
Bellrope · You Must Relax
Black Out Funeral
Woe Monger · Woe Monger
Marais Juana
Marecages · Une Ode Cannabique
I got a Gut Feeling
Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean · I carry My Awareness of Defeat like a Banner of Victory
Possession Erotika
Sadomagikal Seducer · Testicular Torture
Sabba · Pentacle
Moloch's Children
Pesta · Faith Bathed in Blood
Storm Lord
Aiauasca · Rise of the Molecule
Satan II
The Evil · The Evil
Palmistry · Behold!
Can Carry No Weight
The Body · I have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer
Preta's Realm
Empress · Empress/Piece Split
Weirding · Mountain 10"
Levitator ADX
Begotten · Begotten 2018 Demo
CRUD · DOOM is Dead