Powerchord Episode March 2, 2019


1:01pm - 3:02pm

All 4 hosts hit the studio for the first time to hustle you for your cash and do what we do best: play brutal-as-fuck metal on the radio!

Track Listing:

Prosper on the Path
Conan · Existential Void Guardian
Seven Stars, Seven Stones
Seer · Vol. 6
Golden Shell
Bushwhacker · False Dilemma
Mark of Lucifer
Gevurah · Sulpher Soul
Reversed · Widow Recluse
Scarred Mountainside
Harrow · A Fire in the Mountains
Disciple of the Serpent Star
Wormwitch · Heaven That Dwells Within
Encoffinate · Cimmerian Corpse Dungeon
Seulement le Monde
Précipices · Seulement le Monde
Up to You
Traveler · Traveler
Grey Maiden
Gatekeeper · Grey Maiden
Devil is Your Master
Devil Master · Satan Spits on Children of Light
Brutus · Nest
Iron Chic · You Can't Stay Here
Häng Honom
Horndal · Remains
Uterine Industrialisation
Venom Prison · Samsara
Echo Zmory
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult · Mardom
Give Me to the Night
Idle Hands · Mana
Il Reconnaîtra Les Siens
Fange · Punir