Powerchord Episode February 16, 2019

Everybody loves Metal

1:02pm - 2:59pm

This episode starts out with some new renditions of classical metal style and then shifts in to some face melting DOOM. Give'er a listen and Hail Satan while you are at it.

Track Listing:

Time out of Place
Syrinx · Act I
Witchman, Sorcerer of Satan
Sandstorm · Time to Strike
judas priest · Sad Wings of Destiny
Rough Spells · 7"
Lust Paradise
Luger · Hellraisers of the Waste
Voyage of the Sun Chaser
Smoulder · The Sword Woman
Lucifer Sam
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard · The Best of Pink Floyd Redux
Volt Thrower
Conan · Existenitial Void Guardian
Take Them Away
Samraimi · Demons and Wizards EP
Hate Addict
House Anxiety · All Wrong
Floyd's Machine
When The deadbolt Breaks · Angels are Weeping...God Has Abandoned
Godhead Lizard · S/T
Mount saturn · Kiss the Ring
Pesta · single (cover)
Palmistry · Behold!
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Melvins · Sabbath
All Gods Fall
Eternal Black · Bleed The Days