Powerchord Episode February 2, 2019

Power Metal and Doom

12:59pm - 2:56pm

An episode of speed metal and Doom from Canada and around the world.

Track Listing:

Cannabysse- Entourbe
MareCages · Marais Juana
Mother Chaos
Alien Boys · Night Danger
Beyond Nightmares
Hell Fire · Free Again
Black Speed Delirium
Bewitcher · Bewitcher
Scavenging the Ruins
Luger · Hellraisers of the waste
Poison Mother
Rifflord · 7 Cremation Ground/ Meditation
Seance ll- Kill What's Inside of You
Strange Broue · The Satanic Sounds of Strange Broue
Shell Shock
Rivers of Gore · Rivers of Gore
Blood of Summer
Witchcult71 · Blessings in Black
Storm Lord
Aiauasca · Rise of the Molecule
CHRCH · Light Will Consume Us all
Blade Born
Holy Grove · ll
Wandering Star
Frayle · The White Witch
Witches Hallow
manacle · No Fear to Persevere
Second Time Around
Blue Cheer · The 67' Demos
Skeletal Laughter
Occult Burial · Skeletal Laughter
In the Mountains
Palmistry · Demo
Pesta · cover
Utter Discomfort
religious Observance · Utter Discomfort