Powerchord Episode January 12, 2019

Cvlt Nation 2018 and Beyond

1:01pm - 3:01pm

We had Sean and Megan from Cvlt Nation play some of their favourites It was a GRIM and BRUTAL sandwich filled with DOOM.

Track Listing:

Dead Wrong
Grave Infestation · unreleased
Altar of Decay
Mortiferum · Altar of Decay
Devouring Night
Abstracter · Cinereous Incarnate
Consumed by Oblivion
VOID ROT · Consumed by Oblivion
Windhand · Eternal Return
Child of the Cosmic Mind
Huata · Lux Initiatrix Terrae
By Their Deeds they Shall be Known
Rotting Hills · Singles
Unmarked Grave
RIP · Street Reaper
No Peace
Languid · Submission is the only Freedom
Partly Alive
The Body · I have fought against but cant any longer
Megaton Leviathan · Mage
Sky, In Descending Pieces
Vile Creature · Cast of Static and Smoke
Divide & Dissolve · Abomination
punk police
ho99o9 · Cyber Cop
Jesus Piece · Only Self
Satanic Pimp
Juice · Demo
Serpent Lust
Erosion · Maximum Suffering
Maldita · Aca no hay Justicia
Physique · Punk Life is Shit
Silhouette of Death
City Hunter · Deep Blood
Transcending Ceremonial Obliteration
Ceremented · Split with Malefic Levitation
Dopethrone · TransCanadian Anger