Powerchord Episode January 5, 2019

Justin's 2018 top choices

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Highlighted a bunch of 2018 releases of Canadian bands with a smattering of doom heavy collections from Cursed Tongue Records as well as Easy Rider Records. Closing the set out with the Almighty SLEEP!

Track Listing:

Feast or Famine
Black Wizard · Livin' Obilivion
Possessed By Heavy Metal
Spell · The Full Moon Sessions
Heavy Low
We Hunt Buffalo · Head Smashed In
Empress · Empress/Piece Spilt ep
Vicarious Trauma
Baptists · Beacon of Faith
Curcuits, Bending & Breaking
Vile Creature · Cast Of Static and Smoke
Acid Eye
Drug Cult · S/T
Astrological Passages
Weed Demon · Astrological Passages
Windhand · Eternal Return
The Witch & the Christ
High on Fire · Electric Messiah
Sixes · Methistopheles
Blackbirds Call
Wolftooth · S/T
I Tread On Your Grave
The Death Wheeler · I Tread On Your Grave
(Fuck) Agent Orange
Devil's Witches · Porno Witch & vietnam Vets
Waiting for the Worms
White Nails · The Wall Redux
Satan's Country
Black Prism · S/T
Freak Power
Hashteriod · S/T
All Hallow's Eve
Marijuanna · ST
Antarctican Thaw
Sleep · The Sciences