Powerchord Episode November 17, 2018

Justin's learning the ropes with the help of Serena

1:01pm - 2:59pm

Doom from women around the world with a few Canadian metal classics from right here in Vancouver!!! Played a bunch of new vinyl, Alastor, Black Prism, Sixes, The Evil, and Drug Cult.

Track Listing:

Fire Twin
Heron · Fire Twin
Weirding · untitled
Behind the Wall of Sleep
Jupiterain · Ep
Lord Suffering
Monolord · 10" EP
Serpent Therapy
Drug Cult · Drug Cult
S.T.R.E.E.T.S · 45
Icky Bicky
Flasher · Brown Acid Vol.5
Dissident Aggressor
Judas Priest · Sin After Sin
Rock n' Roll from Hell
Chapel · Satan's Rock and roll
Drawn to the Abyss
Alastor · Slave to the Grave
Lord Frost
WolfTooth · S/T
Your Corrupt Ways
Witch Mountain · Mobile Angels
The White Wizard
Kult of the Wizard · Black Moon
AHNA · Perpetual Warfare
Desert Rat
Hashteroid · Respect The Depths
Sixes · Methistopheles
Satan's Country
Black Prism · S/T
The Evil · S/T
Jizz Witch
Blackwater Holylight · S/T