Powerchord Episode November 3, 2018

New Host, Justin comes in and spins some of his favourite bands and nerds out with Serena!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Lots of heavy slow jams for this rainy Saturday afternoon to kick off Justin's first session in the CITR studios!

Track Listing:

Black Sabbath
The Melvins · Black Sabbath
First to Die
Windhand · Eternal Return
Addicted to Satan
Mephistofeles · I'm Heroin
Waiting for the Worms
White Nails · The Wall Redux
Run Like Hell
Pallbearer · The Wall Redux
Laurentian Abyss
Craters · Laurentian Abyss
4 Hours for Hours
Toke · Orange
I Tread On Your Grave
The Death Wheelers · I Tread On Your Grave
Just Another Animal
Clouds Taste Satanic · Dawn of the Satanic Age
White Wizard
Year of the Cobra · In the Shadows Below
The Burning of Elohim
Monte Luna · Monte Luna
Horn of the Rhino · Weight of Coronation
Stan the Wolf
Hashteroid · Hashteroid
Human Error
Erosion · Maximum Suffering
Heavy Low
We Hunt Buffalo · Head Smashed In
Run the Night
Salems Pot · Watch Me Kill You