Powerchord Episode October 6, 2018

Collapse and Crush

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Chris and Serena in studio spotlighting the new High on Fire and Windhad albums, a few local shows, and the upcoming Caleb Scofield memorial show in California.

Track Listing:

Electric Messiah
High On Fire · Electric Messiah
Windhand · Eternal Return
No. 4
Alchemy Chamber · Opus I: Subtle Movements From Within
Massive Scar Era · Color Blind
Quietus · Single
The Vth Circle · Single
Event Horizon
Voivod · The Wake
Pools Of Reflection
Un · Sentiment
Oncoming Ice
Gatekeeper · East Of Sun
Space Hookers
Rebel Priest · Enabler
Ozawar · Uprising EP
The Janitor
The Waning Light · One Plague Shy Of Utopia
Even The Sun Will Die
Wormwitch · Strike Mortal Soil
God = Dog
Behemoth · I Loved You at Your Darkest
Arcing Silver
Sumac · Love In Shadow
Collapse and Crush
Isis · Celestial