Powerchord Episode September 15, 2018

Billowing Vervain

1:02pm - 3:00pm

The Mountain hits the studio with many chunes of a crushing and brutal nature. Proceed with xtreme caution, yo.

Track Listing:

Attis' Blade
Sumac · Love In Shadow
Crusher Of The Seed
Infernal Coil · Within A World Forgotten
Apprentice · The Strength Of Mortality
Devoted To Destruction
Truent · To End An Ancient Way Of Life
Forever Frost · Recite The Relapse
The Keeper Of Skulls
Liberatia · The Keeper
Technical Damage · The Introspect
Rat Amongst The Herd
Begrime Exemious · The Enslavement Conquenst
The Whisper
SVNEATR · The Howl, The Whisper, The Hunt
Ahna · Perpetual Warfare 12" EP
Billowing Vervain
Auroch · Mute Books
When The Tigers Broke Free
Year Of The Cobra · The Wall (Redux)
Run Like Hell
Pallbearer · The Wall (Redux)
The Changeling Prince
Thou · Magus
Ten Years Of Filth
Mortals · Single
I Am Healed
Cult Leader · A Patient Man
God Gave Me No Name (Nothing Can Hide From My Flame)
Lingua Ignota · All Bitches Die