Powerchord Episode September 8, 2018

Healing the Chakras with (not exclusively) Heavy Negative Wizard Metal

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman in studio doin the thang.

Track Listing:

Valorous Consternation
Evoken · Hypnagogia
Life Disintegrating
Xul · What Lies Hidden...
Ode to the Hammer
Gladius Sky · Ex Metallo
Beneath the Sea of Blood
Becomes Astral · Paleblood Sky
Of Gods and Goats
Heron · A Low Winter's Sun
Empress · Reminiscence
The Cavern
Cycolith · Cycolith
Blood Altar
Unroot · Unroot
Golden Shell
Bushwhacker · The False Dilema
Minute to Kill
Vicious Rumors · Digital Dictator
Mare Weighs Down
Ails · The Unraveling
Stagnant Pond
Ludicra · The Tenant
Transcending Dualities
Thou · Magus
Atrament · Scum Sect
Celestial Patricide
Venom Prison · Animus
Dödsrit · Spirit Crusher
Healing the Chakras with Heavy Negative Wizard Metal
Rebel Wizard · Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response
Volt Thrower
Conan · Existential Void Guardian