Powerchord Episode August 25, 2018

So Fresh and So Clean

1:00pm - 3:01pm

Coleman takes a rip through a slew of new releases with a bunch of Cancon from out east and spotlights on from Profound Lore, Dark Descent, and Sentient Ruin.

Track Listing:

Obsolete Beings
Voivod · The Wake
Scarred Mountainsides
Harrow · A Fire in the Mountains
Touch,Taste, Destroy
The White Swan · Touch,Taste, Destroy
The Sword Woman
Smoulder · The Sword Woman
Strange Sun
Finnr' Cane · Elegy
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
Hoopsnake · Snowmanmoth
Street Demon
Guevnna · Split w. Alpaca
Passage Into The Xexanotth
Chthe'ilist · Passage Into The Xexanotth
Mark of Lucifer
Gevurah · Sulpher Soul
Eulogy in Squalor
Hissing · Permanent Destitution
Innumerable Forms · Punishment in Flesh
Blood Moon
Bleeth · Geomancer
Sin Assimilation
Devouring Star · The Arteries of Heresy
Phantasmagoric Transcendence
Burial Invocation · Abiogenesis
Ship on Fire
Zeal and Ardour · Stranger Fruit
Abstracter · Cinerous Incarnate
Ancient Seed
Void Rot · Consumed By Oblivion