Powerchord Episode July 21, 2018

Master of Reality

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman highlights Brutal Alberta fest, some local shows, and a bunch of new stuff from Immortal, Extremity, Khorada, Horrendous, Krieg, heaps more.

Track Listing:

Honey Bucket
Melvins · Houdini
Chthonic Macrophagi
Amphisbaena · Amphisbaena EP
Dire Omen · Formless Fire Embodied
Cultist · Cosmic Tomb
Thoughts and Prayers
Murk · Murk
Risen Restless Dead
Phylactery · Necromancy Enthroned
Fucked Up
Vomitself · Unhinged
Ancient Heart
KOSM · Ancient Heart
The Lord Ruler
Thousand Arrows · Exiles
Graveshadow · Graveshadow EP
Passage Into The Xexanotth
Chthe'ilist · Passage Into The Xexanotth
Water Rights
Khorada · Salt
Like Father Like Son
Extremity · Coffin Birth
Gates to Blashyrk
Immortal · Northern Chaos Gods
Sons of Satan (Return of the Sorcerer)
Integrity · Split w. Krieg
Circle of Guilt
Krieg · Split w. Integrity
Horrendous · Idol
In the Night's Grip
Vilkacis · Split w. Turia
Turia · Split w. Vilkacis
Children of the Grave
Black Sabbath · Master of Reality