Powerchord Episode June 30, 2018

Woe to All

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Chris is in studio A playing all things heavy; many new jams from deafheaven, Zeal and Ardor, KEN Mode, Baptists. Spotlight on the Neurosis(!) show, and much more.

Track Listing:

Woe to All (On the Day of My Wrath)
Lingua Ignota · All Bitches Die
Nothing Stirs
the body · I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer.
The Changeling Prince
Thou · Magus
Plus Pres De Toi
Amenra · MASS VI
Times Of Grace
Neurosis · Times Of Grace
Converge · Beautiful Ruin
Baptists · Beacon Of Faith
Wake · Misery Rites
Empress · Reminiscence
A Gnawing Worry
Heron · A Low Winter's Sun
Doesn't Feel Pain Like He Should
KEN mode · Loved
Two Worlds Become One
Tomb Mold · Manor Of Infinite Forms
Wrong Sabbath
Dopethrone · Transcanadian Anger
deafheaven · Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
Row Row
Zeal & Ardor · Stranger Fruit
Maw Of Time
Khemmis · Desolation
The Howl
Year Of The Cobra · Burn Your Dead
Born With A Black Tongue
Mendozza · Mendozza
Indigenous Sovereignty
Divide and Dissolve · Abomination