Powerchord Episode June 9, 2018

Festival Fever!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman recaps both Modified Ghost and Northwest Terror Fests, as well as a brief preview of the upcoming Covenant Fest. New CanCon, local shows, and many other heavy tingz.

Track Listing:

Cantus II - Sagina Caedendis
Deletere · De Horae Leprae
Black Satantic Glamour
Spectral Wound · Infernal Decadence
Tomb Mold · Manor of Infinite Forms
My Will
Primitive Man · Caustic
A Gnawing Worry
Heron · A Low Winter's Sun
Green River
Bog · Bog
Blood Altar
Unroot · Unroot
Let the Hammer Fall
Hammerfall · Legacy of Kings
Last Rite
Hellchamber · Safe and Manufactured
None Shall Escape
Cryptic Enslavement · Conductor of Storms
Demons From the Woodwork
Sludgehammer · The Fallen Sun
Feed the Jabberwok
Evilosity · Sickening Display of Redemption
Hymn For the Children of the Black Flame/I am the Spell
Integrity · Howling for the Nightmare Shall Consume
Panopticon · Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness
Craving Flesh
Gatecreeper · Sonoran Deprivation
Original Face
Yob · Our Raw Heart
Buried Dreams
Carcass · Heartwork
Foul the Air With Blasphemy
Profanatica · Thy Kingdom Cum
Rites of the Locust
Incantation · Profane Nexus
Blasphemy · Fallen Angel of Doom
To Brave the Storm
Paths · In Lands Thought Lost