Powerchord Episode June 2, 2018

Speed and Sludge

1:01pm - 3:00pm

A classic combo of speed and sludge metal

Track Listing:

Code Orange · Forever
Below the Belt
Razor · Violent Restitution
Death is Certain
Dark Angel · Darkness Descends
Mednozza · Mendozza
Dopethrone · Transcanadian Anger
Tweak Jabber
Dopethrone · Transcanadian Anger
Mammoth Grinder · Underworlds
Soul Sacrifice
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Stagnation of Transmigration
Petrification · Summon Horrendous Destruction
Antisocial Media
Fukpig · Bastards
Beacon of Faith
Baptists · Beacon of Faith
Baby Bird
Whores · Clean
Altar of Lust
Savage Master · Mask of the Devil
Helkvt Warfare Kommando
Hellripper · Single
Sickly Heart of San
The Body · I Have Fought Against it But I Can't Any Longer
Entombed · Entombed
A Sorcerer's Pledge
Candlemass · Solitude
Judas Priest · Sin After Sin
A History of Bad Men
Melvins · Senile Animal
Zombi Powder
Dopethrone · Darkfoil
Bewitcher · Bewticher