Powerchord Episode May 5, 2018

Tell it from the Mountain

1:02pm - 3:00pm

Chris is in studio with a slew of upcoming releases for sampling. Be a dear and check it out.

Track Listing:

Craters · Laurentian Abyss
A Gnawing Worry
HERON · A Low Winter's Sun
Beacon Of Faith
Baptists · Beacon Of Faith
Oncoming Ice
Gatekeeper · East Of Sun
Unsane · Aberration
Helmet · Meantime
Divide and Conquer
Prong · Zero Days
Fake Life
Whores · Ruiner
Tzimani · Tzimani
Wrath Of War
Thousand Arrows · Exiles
The Queen Is Gone
Smoulder · The Sword Woman
Fen Of Shadows
Skeletonwitch · Devouring Radiant Light
Faux Pharaoh
Lucifer · Lucifer II
Bathed In Moonblood and Wolflight
Wolvhammer · The Monuments Of Ash & Bone
Cult Of A Dying Son
Uada · Cult Of A Dying Son
Antarcticans Thawed
Sleep · The Sciences