Powerchord Episode April 21, 2018


1:01pm - 3:02pm

After a 2 month hiatus, Coleman returns with some fresh hell for your earholes. Covering the 420 weekend's slew of stoner/doom shows (Acid King, Whores, Dopethrone) and a shit load of new music from Panopticon, Sleep, Ascension, Judas Priest, and more. Dig in.

Track Listing:

Panopticon · The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness
Marijuanaut's Theme
Sleep · The Sciences
Coming Back Down From Outer Space
Acid King · Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere
Prairie Oyster
We Hunt Buffalo · Living Ghosts
Well Respected Man
BORT · Crossing the Desert
Ghost Trash
Whores · Gold
Snort Dagger
Dopethrone · Transcanadian Anger
Freak Power
Hashteroid · Hashteroid
KOMA · Doomonic
Biophal '84
Accursed Spawn · Biophal '84
Total Sacrifice
Profane Order · Tightened Noose of Sanctimony
Ever Staring Eyes
Ascension · Under Ether
Afterdream of the Reveller
Wild Hunt · Afterdream of the Reveller
To Sol A Thane
Solstice · White Horse Hill
To Hell or the Hangman
Primordial · Exile Amongst the Ruins
Judas Priest · Firepower
Katabatic Depths
Spectral Voice · Vastum/Spectral Voice split
Raising Barrows
Hegemone · We Disappear