Powerchord Episode March 17, 2018

Grind, death, doom, thrash, metal

1:01pm - 2:59pm

All kinds of genres and subgenres and subsubgenre's on today's show.

Track Listing:

Fast as a Shark
Accept · Restless and Wild
You've Got Male Enhancement
Psychostick · Sandwich
Vantablack Warship · Abrasive Pulmonic Speak
Bitter Winter
Wake · Misery Rites
Mutilate the Inoccent
Human Compost · Exhumations of Death and Horror
The Diplomat
Pig Destroyer · Book Burner
Pig Distroyer · Book Burner
Rat Kebab
Marginal · Total Destruction
Stand Up and Fight!
Against All Evil · All Hail the King
The High Priest
Woodhawk · Beyond the Sun
Poisoned Again
Black Wizard · Livin' Oblivion
No Surrender
Judas Priest · Firepower
Infamous Evil
Fuzz Lord · Fuzz Lord
Coffin Torture · Dismal Planet
The Wrecker
Greber · Cemetery Preston
Shadow Guide
Unleash the Archers · Apex
Firing Squad
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Ball and Chain
Razor · Armed and Dangerous
Sudden Impact
Exciter · Long Live the Loud
We Will Prevail
Sacrifice · The Ones I Condemn
Slaughter Cleanse Repeat
Exalter · Persecution Automated
Speed of Light
Katacomb · Unrelenting Power
Desert Death Lord
Hell Bent · EP
We Swear
Devilpriest · Devil Inspired Chants
In God You Trust
Infernal Majesty · No God