Powerchord Episode March 10, 2018

Mountain Standard Time

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Chris "The Mountain" bringing you things of a heavy variety, etc. etc.

Track Listing:

The Sword Woman
Smoulder · The Sword Woman
Gagging On A Gash
Vastum · Split EP
Katabatic Depths
Spectral Voice · Split EP
Blade Of Cimmeria
Gatekeeper · East Of Sun
Cnn Wtz
Mirrors For Psychic Warfare · Mirrors For Psychic Warfare
Machination Factory
Medevil · Conductor Of Storms
Senses Attuned
Irradiation · Annihilate
The Infection
Death Preacher · Darklands
Ill Temper · Vacant
Abuse The Registry
Fucked And Bound · Suffrage
Arp 9
Insect Ark · Marrow Hymns
That Old Serpent
Apollyon · Immolation
God Said Kill · Single
Ancient Heart
KOSM · Single
Into Oblivion
Obsidian · Into Oblivion
Liberatia · Single
Another Day In The Dirt
Truent · Demo
Cosmos Controle
Sinistro · Sangue Cassia
Heavy Love
Black Wizard · Livin' Oblivion