Powerchord Episode February 3, 2018


1:01pm - 3:00pm

Coleman plays a show that's all over the map; talking Slayer's farewell, and a whole slew of new stuff; black, death, funeral doom etc.

Track Listing:

Hell Awaits
Slayer · Decade of Aggression
Tortured Souls
Slaughter · Strappado
The Final Laceration
Rites of Thy Degringolade · The Blade Philisophical
Twin Obelisk
Akakor · Akakor
Ce que le corps doit au sol
Basalte · Vertige
The Lord Ruler
Thousand Arrows · Exiles
Degraded Being
Blackwater Burial · Degraded Being EP
Yersinia Pestis
Hallux · Hallux
Krukh · Bez┬Ěhluzdist
Scripture Of Exaltation And Punishment
Mournful Congregation · The Incubus of Karma
Superior Firepower
Mammoth Grinder · Cosmic Crypt
Agrimonia · Awaken
Leather Lord
3 Inches of Blood · Long Live Heavy Metal
In the Meantime
Helmet · Meantime
Eigenlicht · Self Annihilating Consciousness