Powerchord Episode January 27, 2018

power chord jan. 27/18

12:59pm - 3:00pm


Track Listing:

I Have A Prepared Statement
Whores. · Gold
Tit To Toe
Helms Alee · Stillicide
Bossk Hogg
Bummer · Split w/ PINKO
Destroy The Orcs
3 Inches of Blood · Advance and Vanquish
Bison · You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient
Harm Induction
Baptists · Bloodmines
We Want Blood
Revenger · The New Mythology Vol. 1
The Glass Has Never Been So Empty
WTCHDR · Failed Ambition
Blackwater Burial · Degraded Being
Thy Divine Convalescence
Resurgence · Besieged
Another Day In The Dirt
Truent · Demo
Process Is Bloodshed
Aastrakhan · Single
Empress · Reminiscence
Following The Voice
Anciients · Voice Of The Void
Burn Your Dead
Year Of The Cobra · Burn Your Dead
Fucked And Bound · Suffrage
Wake · Misery Rites
War Has Begun
Gatecreeper · Split with Iron Reagan
Bolted Down, Boiled to Grease
Coffin Torture · Dismal Planet
Reflection Of Waldeinsamkeit
Infernal Coil · Bodies Set In Ashen Death
Cathedral of Laybrinthine Darkness
Hooded Menace · Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed
Misery Rites
Wake · Misery Rites