Powerchord Episode January 20, 2018

We Want Blood

1:00pm - 3:00pm


Track Listing:

Eye of the Quarrel
Converge · The Dusk in Us
Will to Reach
Sumac · What One Becomes
Born in Dissonance
Meshuggah · Violent Sleep pf Reason
Code Orange · Forever
Space Mead
KOSM · Space Mead
The Vth Circle · One Foot in the Grave
Etherous Claws
Anarcheon · Etherous Claws
Drown in Ashes · Social Collapse EP
We Want Blood
Revenger · The New Mythology Vol. 1
Syryn · Unbreakable
Innate Dichotomy Transcendence
Vacuus · Eternal Continuum Hallucination
Blessed Be the Beast
Anguish · Magna est vis Siugnah
Lady Death
Tribulation · Down Below
Furor Diabolicus
Watain · Trident Wolf Eclipse
Endless Circle
Dodsrit · Dödsrit LP
In Eerie Deliverance
Hooded Menace · Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed
Cast the First Stone
Corrosion of Conformity · No Cross No Crown
Age of Bootcamp
Eyehategod · Preaching the End Time Message