Powerchord Episode December 23, 2017

Andy picks his top 10 of 2017

1:03pm - 3:03pm

Best of 2017
Unleash the Archers "Ten Thousand Against One" - Apex

BEST OF 2017:
10) Cannibal Corpse "Remaimed" - Red Before Black
9) Womit Angel "Possessed Misery" - Impaling Force of Satan
8) Chaos "The Enemy" - All Against All
7)Mason "Impervious" - Impervious
6) Obituary "Turned to Stone" - Obituary
5) Mutank "I.D.I.O.T." - W.H.A.T.S.T.H.A.T
4) Nervcast "Moonstruck" - Locked and Loaded
3) Striker "Shadows in the Light" - Striker
2) Infernal Majesty "No God" - No God
1) Terrifier "Drunk as Fuck" - Weapons of Thrash Desctruction

Tankard "Rules for Fools" - Hymns for the Drunk
Sonic Prophecy "Man and Machine" - Savage Gods
Power Trip "Soul Sacrifice" - Nightmare Logic
Motorhead "Breaking the Law" - Under Cover
Cope "Mother Russia" - Self-Titled
Longhouse "Blood and Stone" - II: Vanishing
Kreator "Totalitarian Terror" - Gods of Violence
Insurrection "Assasins" - Extraction
Immolation "Fostering the Divide" - Atonement
Ruckwater "Bonehead" - Bonehead
Pigs Blood "Misanthrope Absolute" - Pigs Blood
Heathen Beast "Bailing Out the Banks" - $cam
Gwar "I'll Be Your Monster" - The Blood of Gods
Gutslit "Necktie Party" - Amputheatre
Exhalter "World Under Curfew" - Persecution Automated
Razor "Heavy Metal Attack" - Escape the Fire

Track Listing:

Ten Thousand Against One
Unleash the Archers · Apex
Cannibal Corpse · Red Before Black
Possessed Misery
Womit Angel · Impaling Force of Satan
The Enemy
Chaos · All Against All
Mason · Impervious
Turned to Stone
Obituary · Obituary
Mutank · W.H.A.T.S.T.H.A.T
Nervcast · Locked and Loaded
Shadows in the Light
Striker · Striker
No God
Infernal Majesty · No God
Drunk as Fuck
Terrifier · Weapons of Thrash Desctruction
Rules for Fools
Tankard · Hymns for the Drunk
Man and Machine
Sonic Prophecy · Savage Gods
Soul Sacrifice
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Breaking the Law
Motorhead · Under Cover
Mother Russia
Cope · Self-Titled
Blood and Stone
Longhouse · II: Vanishing
Totalitarian Terror
Kreator · Gods of Violence
Insurrection · Extraction
Fostering the Divide
Immolation · Atonement
Ruckwater · Bonehead
Misanthrope Absolute
Pigs Blood · Pigs Blood
Bailing Out the Banks
Heathen Beast · $cam
I'll Be Your Monster
Gwar · The Blood of Gods
Necktie Party
Gutslit · Amputheatre
World Under Curfew
Exhalter · Persecution Automated
Heavy Metal Attack
Razor · Escape the Fire