Powerchord Episode December 16, 2017

Serena spins and talks about some of the best Heavy Metal albums of 2017! What a year!!

1:01pm - 2:59pm

Some of the best Metal albums of 2017. Many Canadian Heavy weights like Unleash the Archers, Bison and Thantifaxath!

Track Listing:

Spirit Adrift · Curse of Conception
In the Mountains...
Palmistry · Demo
Deep State
Tau Cross · Pillar of Fire
Terrestrial Mutations
Droid · Terrestrial Mutations
Fang of Malice
Blackrat · Demo 2017
Obscene Humanity
Nails · Obscene Humanity
Thresholds Beyond
Spectral Voice · Eroded Corridors of Unbeing
Ruins of Beverast · Exuvia
Self Devouring-Womb
Thantifaxath · Void Masquerading as Matter
Until the Earth is Empty
Bison · You Are Not the Ocean, You Are the Patient
Full of Hell · Trumpeting Ecstasy
Soul Sacrifice
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Feast or Famine
Black Wizard · Livin' Oblivion
Burn the World
Portrait · Burn the World
The Matriarch
Unleash The Archers · Apex
Blood and Chaos
Paradise Lost · Medusa
Needles in Your Skin
Oathbreaker · Rheia