Powerchord Episode November 25, 2017

Slinging heavy ugly new tunes on a rainy Saturday

1:01pm - 3:04pm

Serena hosts on a rainy Saturday and previews a bunch of new music from Midnight, Unleash the Archers, The Hallowed Catharsis, Wolves in the Throne Room, Paradise Lost and so much more!!

Track Listing:

Panzerfaust · The Lucifer Principle
Ephemeralitiy of the Flesh
Kafirun · Eshaton
The Hallowed Catharsis · Solar Cremation
Ten Years of Filth
Mortals · Ten Years of Filth
Crushed by Demons
Midnight · Sweet Death and Ecstasy
Master's Story
Full of Hell/The Body · Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light
The Matriarch
Unleash The Archers · Apex
Open Grave
Sect · No Cure for Death
Thresholds Beyond
Spectral Voice · Eroded Corridors of Being
Spirit Adrift · Curse of Conception
Big Brave · Ardor
2nd Forty
SBDC · Too Bad
Satan's Rock and Roll
Chapel · Satan's Rock and Roll
Portal · Ion
Be God
Godflesh · Post Self
Longest Winter
Paradise Lose · Medusa
Show Them Your Teeth
Maggot Heart · Show Them Your Teeth
Wolves in the Throne Room · Thrive Woven