Powerchord Episode November 18, 2017

Lazy Assed Playlist Time!

1:04pm - 2:58pm

The Mountain bit off more than could be chewed with such short notice and decided to cop out and play 13 mins songs. Not as lazy as choosing the new Bell Witch and napping under the desk, but there's still time while that's technically a new release! Look at the Canadian content tho (fire emojis).

Track Listing:

If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
AC/DC · Highway To Hell
Corpse Revival
Dead Quiet · Grand Rites
Admire...Then Destroy
Heron · Heron
(Now You Want Me To Play The Room You Just) Emptied?
Storc · Storc
Didn't The Night End
the body & Full Of Hell · Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light
Mourning Of The Magician
Electric Wizard · Wizard Bloody Wizard
Max R.P.M.
Road Rash · Thunder In Paradise
Big Brave · Ardor
Vivian Depths
Black Wizard · New Waste
Hashteroid · Respect The Depths
Trial By Stone
Torrefy · The Infinity Complex
Spit Blood
Ill Temper · Vacant
The Drop
The Waning Light · One Plague Shy Of Utopia
Giants Arise · Single