Powerchord Episode November 11, 2017

The Mountain Returns

12:59pm - 3:21pm

The Mountain returns and pretends to know what he's doing at the helm of a radio show. Music is played, mostly new! Shows are highlighted and stuff!

Track Listing:

Motorhead · Hellraiser
Heathen Rain
All Pigs Must Die · Hostage Animal
Sugar Hole
Primitive Man · Caustic
Corpse Revival
Dead Quiet · Grand Rites
Waingro · Mt Hood
Blood From A Stone
We Hunt Buffalo · Blood From A Stone EP
Fire Twin
Heron · Fire Twin
How To Wake Man and Her Son While You Criss Cross Your Bill
Black Thunder · Black Thunder III
Earth Is A Cage
The Body & Full Of Hell · Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light
Unsane · Sterilize
Oregon Chem-Trail
Plaque Marks · Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship
Flag Day
Whores. · Single
Visions Of Disembowelment
Cryptic Enslavement · Perverse Hallucinatory Descent
The Dark Man
K├Ârperlose Stimme · The Dark Man EP
Crimson Star
SVNEATR · Crimson Star
Bison · You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient
Under Duress
Converge · The Dusk In Us
How Deep It Runs
Cult Leader · Lightless Walk
Image Of Control
Sumac · What One Becomes
Visions of Psychic Dismemberment
Spectral Voice · Eroded Corridors of Unbeing
Omega Serpent
Kafirun · Eschaton
Belphegor · Totenritual