Powerchord Episode September 16, 2017

The Mountain That Rocks!

1:01pm - 3:00pm

What a lame ass title! Mid September is pretty damn busy with shows though and this nerd tries to highlight em for youz.

Track Listing:

The Serpent
Myrkur · Mareridt
Chaos Arcane
Goatwhore · Vengeful Ascension
In The Name Of Science
Toxic Holocaust · An Overdose Of Death
Ninjaspy · Spuken
Living In The Sand
Woodhawk · Beyond The Sun
Sort It Out
Blacked Out · Sereena
Lady Kyteler
BORT · Lady Kyteler (Demo)
Wovoka · Marks/Traces
Under Skin
Drainage · Limb Fin
Blood Altar
Unroot · Blood Altar
Primitive Man · Caustic
Involuntary Doppelganger
Archspire · Relentless Mutation
You'll Always Look The Same To Me
Neck Of The Woods · The Passenger
The Art Of Moving Forward
Of Modern Architecture · Dichromacy
Hashteroid · Respect The Depths
This Is Not A Song
HEDKS · Turnt Up for What
Demon Haunted World
Usnea · Portals Into Futility