Powerchord Episode July 15, 2017

Armstrong Metal Fest and other Shizz

1:02pm - 2:00pm

Coleman helms a half-show highlighting bands at Armstrong Metal Fest as well as Melvins and Hoopsnake shows, plus new stuff from Seer and False.

Track Listing:

Scattering the Flock
Revocation · Revocation
Halo of Maggots
Aggression · Fragmented Spirit Devils
Chaos Requiem
Xul · Extinction Necromance
Fields of Flesh
Odinfist · We Are Gods
That Old Serpent
Apollyon · Immolation
Skitzoid Embolism
Terrifier · Weapons of Thrash Destruction
The Bit
Melvins · Stag
Hoopsnake · Curse of the White Widow
Acid Sweat
Seer · Vol III & IV: Cult of the Void
False · Hunger